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3DFX/STB The Voodoo5 6000 AGP from 3dfx represents the pinnacle of Voodoo5 technology. Taking advantage of the revolutionary scalable architecture of the 3dfx VSA-100!" chip, the Voodoo 5 6000 AGP features four processors working together to be the world's first 3D accelerator to break the Gigapixel barrier. Clocking in at over 1.33 Gigapixels a second, the Voodoo5 6000 AGP can create breathtaking 3D worlds in vivid 32-bitcolor. Boasting state-of-the-art Real-Time Full-Scene HWAnti-Aliasing, the exclusive T-Buffer!" Digital Cinematic Effects engine, 2D resolutions as high as 2048x1536 and a whopping 128MB of graphics memory, the Voodoo5 6000 is the ultimate 2D/3D accelerator for the hard-core PC enthusiast.

Note: STB will be the sole proprietor to manufacture VooDoo3 retail boxed video cards


AMD Attaining the 1GHz performance mark has long been a paramount goal for producers of PC processors. Introduction of a PC processor capable of executing one billion clock cycles per second is our industry's equivalent of breaking the sound barrier. Just as the achievement of Chuck Yeager signaled the beginning of a new era in aviation, the 1GHz processor ushers in a new era of information technology.


Cambridge SoundWorks DeskTop Theater 5.1 DTT2500 Digital, based on the award-winning DeskTop Theater 5.1, is the most complete Dolby Digital speaker system for the PC. With a built-in Dolby Digital decoder, it enables you to enjoy home theater quality audio without purchasing an expensive Dolby Digital receiver. You'll also experience thrilling multi-channel Dolby Digital movie sound with a PC-DVD or any set-top DVD player.


Creative Labs DVD-RAM is a rewritable disc based on the DVD standard. It uses a phase-change technology that allows the disc to be written and re-written many times over. DVD-RAM discs offer up to 2.6GB per side, hence providing a total storage capacity of 5.2GB using Type 1 media. DVD-RAM drives are also compatible with current popular storage mediums such as DVD-ROM, CD-Audio, Video CD, PhotoCD, CD-ROM, CD-R etc.


Diamond Multimedia Based on the NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Ultra processor with 3D features such as 32-bit rendering, 32-bit Z/stencil buffer, and accelerates the most popular games with complete support for OpenGL® ICD and Direct3D®. With 32MB high-speed memory, up to AGP 4X support, and an extensive assortment of the hottest games, Viper is the ultimate solution for hard-core gaming action.


Diamond Multimedia Diamond's Rio PMP300 portable MP3 music player stores up to 60 minutes of digital-quality sound. It's smaller than an audio cassette and has no moving parts, so it never skips. Powered by a single AA battery, Rio provides up to 12 hours of continuous music playback.


Entrega Technologies, Inc. Universal Serial Bus (called "USB") has one standard plug, and one standard port for everything. USB delivers true "Plug & Play". With USB and Windows® 98 you simply plug in your peripheral and it's automatically installed, configured and ready to go. You can swap, install, and configure peripherals while your Computer is on and working. USB connections deliver transfer rates than can be up to 100 times faster than ordinary serial connections. You can daisy-chain, and operate up to 127 peripheral devices.


Promise Technology, Inc. This PCI controller and 80-wire cable combination fully supports 66MB/sec burst data transfers and other features of Ultra ATA/66 drives. Ultra66 also offers improved sequential data transfers (for large files), CRC error-checking support of UDMA mode, and bundles the required Ultra ATA/66 cable. The special cable is needed to get 66MB/sec data transfers and offers greater data reliability.


Viewsonic Corporation The VG180 is a 18.1" LCD view panel display. A large, thin profile screen (a mere 3.6" deep), allows this flat panel display to easily fit into confined spaces, such as enclosed cabinets, or even mounted on the wall. High screen resolutions of 1280 x 1024 with 16 million colors at 60Hz refresh rate, plus OnView controls for ease of use.


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