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Thinking about Upgrading your old system to a Pentium 4?
Here is what you need to know...

The Pentium 4 has different power requirements compared to earlier Pentiums, which necessitates a new type of power supply(ATX 2.03). Second, a chassis that conforms to an ATX 2.03 power supply is required. Third, the Pentium 4 uses a brand new chipset, which means a new motherboard. Finally, Pentium 4 motherboards were designed to only support 1.5V AGP cards. Therefore you must use only the latest AGP cards that support 4X(or 8x!) AGP transfer at 1.5V.

Computer Bogged down? Tons of Popups?
You probably have viruses or spyware/adware. We all know the dangers of viruses; however, spyware/adware  is getting to be very insidious. There are various ways you can get infected, but if you are getting many popup advertisements or your system is taking a long time to boot, i'd suggest running some of these free utilities.
Lavasoft Ad-Aware
Microsoft Antispy
Spybot Search and Destroy
Tech Note 1: Trying to send a really long website address to someone? If it keeps cutting off into multiple lines, tinyurl it! copy the address and paste it into www.tinyurl.com and they can abbreviate it for you!

Tech Note 2: Data gets corrupted on hard drives every day. Sometimes it is the hard drive malfunctioning, most often times it is a software product (ie. Windows98) that has corrupted the data. Don't go looking for people to blame when you loose important data to corruption. CD-RWs (Burners) are cheap enough right now, there is no excuse not to have one!
do the smart thing: BACK UP YOUR DATA REGULARLY!

Tech Note 3: Tired of Internet Explorer? Try Opera! It comes automatically with tabbed browsing, skins, and mouse gestures. and It's free!: www.opera.com

Tech Note 4: Camera pictures too big too send? Try Easy Thumbnails! It can clone a whole directory of pictures quickly/painlessly to a smaller size in a separate directory. Try it here: http://www.fookes.com/

Tech Note 5: Caught without antivirus protection? Grisoft offers a free version of it's antivirus software to home users, and of course, don't forget to visit Trend Micro's Housecall!

Windows XP?
Here is what you need to know...

Windows XP combines the stability of the NT kernel with the ease and simplicity of the Windows 98 interface.

Whereas Windows XP is probably your best choice of Microsoft Operating systems, you may wish to update some of your older software to eliminate possible yet unlikely) compatibility issues.
Although a great deal of time has been spent discussing Windows Activation, Windows simply needs to be activated once in the first thirty days of system use, and helps ensure you have an authentic operating system installed on your system.

There is two versions of XP that may interest you. Windows XP Home Edition only supports one cpu, whereas Windows XP Professional supports dual/quad cpu system and comes with a healthy dose of Administrative Tools. If you plan on hooking your machine onto a domain typically in the corporate/business environment only), you will need the Professional edition.

Which version of Microsoft Office is for me?
There are three main types for the average home user: Standard, Small Business, and Professional.
Small Business comes with Word, Excel, and OutlookŪ.
Standard adds Microsoft Power PointŪ.
Professional adds Microsoft Access to the above packages.
The latest version of Office is Office 2003 (replacing Office XP)

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